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David's Media Bio

Award-Winning Entrepreneur
#1 International Best-selling Author

David García-González, the founder and CEO of GoLocalise, offers a one-stop shop localisation solution based in London. He brings expertise in voice over, subtitling, and audiovisual translation.

Originally from Spain, David relocated to the UK in 1998. After a decade of honing his skills as a translator and Spanish-speaking voice-over artist, he ventured into entrepreneurship, launching his own localisation company from the ground up.

A decade and a half later, GoLocalise boasts a robust network of over one thousand translators, subtitlers, and voice-over professionals spanning more than one hundred languages. This vast talent pool serves a diverse client base, including blue-chip multinationals, e-learning enterprises, production houses, and major translation agencies.

Establishing an internationally acclaimed brand abroad, particularly one distant from one's homeland, is no small feat.

David’s prowess in the industry has led to collaborations with global giants like the BBC, Warner Bros, Viacom, and The V&A Museum. Passionate about sharing his journey, David penned the #1 International best-seller, Chancing Your Arm: How I Made It Big In Britain.

Through, David empowers companies to accelerate their growth, tapping into new markets by adeptly localising their content – encompassing translation, subtitling, and voice-over services.

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