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David Garcia Gonzalez testimonial

‘David’s telling of his own story is on the one hand an entertaining and touching tale of triumph over adversity, how the power of self-belief can bring great achievements, and what can happen when one is driven to unlock one’s own potential. However, on the other hand, beneath the affable and personable exterior of the author and main protagonist beats the relentless entrepreneurial heart of a highly astute, sharp and award-winning business owner.

Do not settle for being charmed by David’s openness: seek out and know that there are real commercial insights to be gained from David and his story, chief among them what it means and what is possible when you have cojones in business.

David embodies the strategic and creative thinking, transparency and personal connection needed to excel in the modern entrepreneurial space, especially in a field as critical as the intersection of digital, multicultural and audiovisual media.

- Stewart Dickison / Sales Director

“I have always been impressed by the enthusiasm and energy that David has and his dedication and determination to help grow GoLocalise.

As a Managing Director, he understands how to motivate his team and always comes up with new ideas to help or enable us all to progress and develop.

It is great being able to work with David side-by-side on a daily basis. It has really inspired me and given me an opportunity to learn from a great mentor every day.

David has also helped me to develop by giving me responsibility at a pace that suited me and making me feel trusted, which helped to build my confidence and develop new interpersonal skills.”

- Léa Paradon / Senior Account Manager

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- Laura Moxham / Your Business Angels

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What Others Say

"A compelling read and a vibrant account of a most extraordinary journey in a notoriously complex and challenging translation industry.


Always generous in its advice, what makes this story so captivating is David’s positive approach to life and business, his message of optimism and hope, and his profound belief that hard work, high standards and perseverance will always keep you afloat.

Certainly one of the most inspirational rags-to-riches entrepreneurs in the localisation field I’ve ever met!"

Prof. Jorge Díaz-Cintas / CenTraS 

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