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My Story

Where It All Began

I was born in a northern Spanish town called Gijón, but my passion for languages and adventure brought me to the UK in the mid 90s to study and later work.


It was quite a ride!

After studying a combined degree in linguistics, languages and computing at Essex University, and not really sure what to do, I decided to take a Masters in Applied Translation Studies (specialising in Legal Translation) at the London Metropolitan University - I then realised why I had hated legal translation so much as a subject.

My motivation had been all wrong!  

I had been attracted to an element of the legal profession which fitted my skillset purely because I perceived that there was money to be made.

I found my WHY, my passion!

A year later, I took an online Masters in Audiovisual Translation (dubbing, subtitling and localisation) through Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona. It was the first time I had chosen to study something with a specific reason behind it. I finally realised what it was that I wanted to do.

Best international business coach
Amazon best-seller author

This is where the fun began!

In 2008, I decided to go it alone and start  my own business, GoLocalise, a one-stop shop for translation and localisation services.  

From day one, I wanted GoLocalise to stand out from his competitors by delivering reliable and consistent quality at all times.

Setting up a business and learning the ropes hasn't been plain sailing... there were many life and business lessons learnt, and f**k ups along the way.

Pay it Forward!

... so here we are today, well over a decade after I set up my first business, I am now ready to pay it forward by empowering and helping entrepreneurs transform their business with confidence, and create a life they love.

I know what it’s like to have sleepless nights, and wonder if you’ll ever make it, and to look in the mirror and ask, “Is this business even worth all this effort?”

Well... the answer is “YES.” 


Now that you’re up and running, I’m going to help you grow your business the right way; by putting systems in place to make a reliable and consistent revenue stream, reducing your stress so that you can concentrate on living the life you deserve… starting right now.

So go ahead, chance your arm and let me help you become bulletproof!

Business Meeting

“If you cannot do great things,
do small things in a great way.”

- Napoleon Hill

David Garcia Gonzalez career


I bet you didn't know...

David worked as a translator and Spanish-speaking voice over talent for more than 20 years and even voiced content for brand such as; Paco Rabanne, Puma, Adidas, The Discovery Channel and even the TV commercial for Amazon Echo. I bet you didn't know that...


Wanna take a peek? 

Most people cannot even recognise my voice - how crazy is that!

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David Garcia Gonzalez best business awards
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The Spark That Kept Burning

This was a major turning point in my career.

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Chancing Your Arm

Do you actually know what it means?​

Let me introduce you to an idiom which for me sums up the value of taking measured risks in life: chancing your arm.

Reckless is futile, but as Gearóid FitzGerald demonstrates in this little tale, when you learn to read the situation, what seems like a big risk is well worth the reward of victory.

In the fifteenth century there were two Anglo-Irish families, the Butlers and the FitzGeralds, who were constantly fighting each other for territory and the right to rule. In 1477 Gearóid FitzGerald became Lord Deputy at Dublin Castle, making him one of the most influential men in the land. This stirred up even more angst and rivalry between these warring factions, and it all came to a head in a pitched battle in 1492, just outside of Dublin.

Some senior members of the Butler family took refuge in the Chapter House of St Patrick’s Cathedral, claiming sanctuary and calling for a ceasefire. Gearóid stood outside and promised that if they came out, he would grant them safety and free passage in return for their surrender. So great was the feud that they didn’t believe his words, so in a last ditch effort to show good faith and end the fighting, Gearóid demonstrated an act of extreme courage.

Language and communication expert David
Amazon international best-selling author
Chancing your arm book illustration

He took an axe and smashed a hole through the door, just wide enough for his arm. He then stuck his whole arm through so he and the Butlers could shake hands on the deal, giving the Butlers the opportunity to chop it off – if they had wanted to. Hence the expression ‘chancing your arm’ became part of the English language.

Coming to England as a foreigner and setting up a business was not an easy challenge for me. In fact, it was a massive risk. But it was one influenced by ongoing learning, becoming aware of the different types of people I’d meet, and being able to take the appropriate risks when the right moment arrived

City Skyline

"A compelling read and a vibrant account of a most extraordinary journey in a notoriously complex and challenging translation industry.


Always generous in its advice, what makes this story so captivating is David’s positive approach to life and business, his message of optimism and hope, and his profound belief that hard work, high standards and perseverance will always keep you afloat.

Certainly one of the most inspirational rags-to-riches entrepreneurs in the localisation field I’ve ever met!"

Testimonial for David

Prof. Jorge Díaz-Cintas / CenTraS 

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