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Recreate the Friday Feeling Every Day of the Week!

Updated: Jan 3, 2022

1. Mind your deadlines. Common practice is to try to wrap up projects by the end of the week so you can "start clean" on Monday. This can mean that the stress of having to finish everything at once always gets worse as the week rolls on.

2. Call a hard stop. People get dragged down by the workweek in part because it doesn't feel like five days--with after-hours emails or requests to stay late, it just ends up feeling like one 120-hour-long loop. Politely draw boundaries about ending the day.

3. Think about your team, not the work. It admittedly takes some time for team members to trust each other, and you ideally should be in a position that you're passionate about. But one of the big reasons people look forward to Friday and the subsequent weekend is that those days are when people can get reenergised by the people they love.

4. Give each day a purpose. Sure, you can go with Taco Tuesday. But how about Mentor Monday or Thankful Thursday? Create a positive theme for each day that allows you to give back, celebrate success or do the deep work necessary for growth.

5. Invest in your own authenticity. Others of course will expect you to be "professional" in the office. But pretending to be someone you aren't to please others is exhausting. Do something every day that you enjoy and that speaks to who you are, whether that's opining on a potential project or wearing the loudest socks you can find in your drawer.

6. Track your progress. Insecurity, inexperience or cultural pressures can make you hardcore worried about how you're performing. The weekend thus ends up being a chance to escape scrutiny and the anxiety it creates.

7. Ask tons of questions. It's much more difficult to get lost in soul-sucking monotony when you're learning something new at every turn.

8. Spend time helping. This has a twofold purpose. First, it reminds you that you are not just your work, and that you can contribute anywhere, anytime.

David Garcia Gonzalez business coach

My Background

Hi, I'm David García-González! I'm a bilingual entrepreneur who is in love with languages and communication.

My passion is empowering and helping entrepreneurs and company owners transform their business with confidence, and create a life they love.

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