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Engage With Your Community

Updated: Jun 21, 2021

Entrepreneurs do this ALL the time. With about a $50 investment, anyone can run an initial market test and get immediate feedback. Playing with paid advertising might seem daunting, but Google and Facebook have gone to great lengths to keep it simple. Especially if you are only using two or three of its most fundamental features.⁠

How to engage with your business community online

Keep it simple

If you already know where your target audience gathers, feel free to go even leaner. Engaging directly with a community is a powerful way of collecting quality insight, when and if you can get away with it. Sometimes, all you need to do is ask. A fellow Redditor recently created a website that complements Twitch, a massively popular video-game streaming service, and asked a relevant subreddit for feedback. Most of the 200 comments came within the first 48 hours of him starting a thread.⁠

Cost vs. benefit

People shared their thoughts, proposed tweaks and even offered small strategic partnerships. Obviously, this should not be the be-all and end-all of his market analysis, but it sure looks like a good start. The cost? Virtually nothing.⁠

David Garcia Gonzalez business coach

My Background

Hi, I'm David García-González! I'm a bilingual entrepreneur who is in love with languages and communication.

My passion is empowering and helping entrepreneurs and company owners transform their business with confidence, and create a life they love.

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