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Remain Agile and Innovative

Updated: Jun 21, 2021

If you have hired the right people with clear objectives, proper responsibilities and flexible process, you have created the platform for innovation. However, again, this is something you have to work at.

How to be agile and innovative in business

What you need to do

You need to tell people that you value innovative solutions, and you should ask people what they are trying that is new. Let them know that there will be some failures along the way; it is your role to encourage the right mistakes. If you never fall over it will take you a long time to learn to ski. For example, you could have a monthly review of new initiatives and treat failures as valuable lessons learned.⁠

An essential book

Essential reading on this is How Innovation Works by Matt Ridley. She identifies a growth mindset which means that you understand that personal growth comes not from innate talent but hard work and practice and that purposeful practice where you push yourself outside your comfort zone and start making mistakes are how you learn the fastest (provided you learn from the errors). This book is a must for anyone hiring and managing people or bringing up children.

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